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Leadership Training

Course Description

This is for all new up and coming Managers or executives taking on a more senior role with added responsibilities. It aims to provide practical tools to aid the new found leader during the big change to comfortably step into the role. This course aims to make the transition smooth and provide this New Leader with a refreshed perspective and cool confidence.

Course Duration

1 Day

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Gain perspective on your Personality Style (how do you make decisions, prioritise and where do you spend your energy?)
  • Learn how to Manage Expectation vs. Reality
  • Gain Time Management Tools
  • Learn the Art of Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Gain skills in Working with People and Making Friends to Solidify Relationships
  • Build Confidence

Course Benefits

This course aims to equip Leaders on a personal and professional level. Stepping into a new role can be daunting for some especially if that role requires a new set of skills that may be lacking.

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