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Equine Stress Management Program

Course Description

An outdoor course that makes use of the healing properties of horses to reduce stress levels and teach mindfulness to overworked professionals working in a pressurised environment.  This course is run at the Stable Hands Equine Therapy Centre in Kyalami.

Course Duration

1 Day (Outdoor course, anyone can attend- whether in the Corporate Environment or Private)

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Implement Mindfulness Tools at work and at home
  • Find ways to Reduce Stress Levels outside of the Stable Hands Equine Therapy Centre
  • Experience Reduction in Stress Levels
  • Master the Art of Breathing to Control Stress Levels

Course Benefits

This is a fun and therapeutic way to get the team out of the office to reconnect with nature in the most beautiful manner.  This course prides itself on the healing effect of the horses we work with but also provides each individual with the tool set to reduce stress levels when they find themselves back in their demanding work

Please send us and email to enquire about course costs