Cold Calling Sales Strategies (Internal and External Staff) 2018-04-09T10:26:25+00:00

Cold Calling Sales Strategies (Internal and External Staff)

Course Description

This course focuses on nailing successful cold calls, booking the appointment and closing the deal!

Course Duration

2 Days (Course includes a session for real time calls to be made for practical learning)

Specific Learning Outcomes

(This course can be customised to suit your industry)

  • Know your industries
  • Learn the difference between Suspect, Prospect, Lead
  • Learn How to Plan
    • How to Prepare for Prospecting
    • How to Prepare for Sales Calls
    • Tools and Resources used for Prospecting
  • Cold Calling (Telephone Skills)
    • What are the Steps
    • Gaining Cooperation from screeners/blockers
    • Effective Cold Calling Techniques
    • Strategies to Identify Opportunities
  • Discover the other Avenues for Prospecting
  • Experiential Learning – Cold Calling-Role Plays
  • Experiential Learning – Cold Calling- LIVE calls
  • Gain insight into Territory Planning

Course Benefits

Performance based results! We want quality calls and meetings, motivated people and consistency in closing deals. Let’s get your staff motivated to stop reading off the script and really connect with their existing and prospective clients. This not only makes for more professional staff but gives your company brand better street cred.

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