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Call Centre Customer Service

Course Description

This course aims to equip the Call Centre agent with the correct tool sets that need to be implemented in the appropriate situations. Call Centre agents are the face of your company and more importantly, your brand, so focusing on a high standard of service delivery and professionalism is of utmost importance.  We also address the Nature of the Call Centre Environment and provide methods on how to cope and stay motivated in order to work efficiently and effectively.

Course Duration

2 Days

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Identify what Customer Service Is and Isn’t
  • What is your role as a Call Center Agent?  How do YOU fit into the bigger picture?
  • Practice techniques for taking Control of the Call
  • Effectively Handling Angry Customers
  • Staying Alive, Staying Alive … and Motivated

Course Benefits

This course offers a great foundation for Call Centre Basics and highlights the importance of Customer Service.  Poor service can cost you clients and money if not managed properly.

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