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Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Course Description

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is another one of those powerful skills to be taken advantage of in business and life in general! People with a high EI are better adapted to their environment and others. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise your feelings and the emotional states of those around you and the ability to use those feelings to guide thoughts and actions appropriately. Emotional Intelligence can be divided into the following five general categories:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Control
  • Purpose
  • Compassion
  • Social Skills

Course Duration

1 Day

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and How to Up Your Game
  • Understand How Emotional Intelligence can be applied at the workplace to Enhance Employee Relationships and Increase Productivity
  • Increase your Compassion and Social Skills
  • Know Yourself

Course Benefits

The psychology behind this skill makes for a very interesting course.  The greater impact reveals itself when you can successfully apply these skills to your working environment and home/family life.

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