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Mbali Training Solutions is owned and run by Tiffany Moys an Honours (Cum Laude) Psychology Graduate who is an accomplished, innovative and passionate Trainer with more than 10 years’ experience.  Tiffany achieved her foundation in training by fulfilling the role of Learning and Development Manager for Bytes Document Solutions, which is one of the largest authorised Xerox distributors in South and Sub-Saharan Africa.  This afforded her the opportunity to work with many diverse and dynamic companies nationally and internationally, engaging with people from entry level to executives. The courses that Tiffany delivered during this time were focused primarily on Selling Skills, Managed Print Services, Service Delivery, Xerox Innovation and Soft Skill Training.

Tiffany has developed significant strength in training programme design, analysis and delivery, with a vision to holistically empower and unify your staff.

Mbali Training Solutions maximises human potential by providing custom built training courses which are compiled based on the requirements identified and conveyed by the client.

Mbali follows the methodology below to ensure courses are tailor made for your organisation.






Each training course is concluded by assessing the attendees and providing a full report to the Management Team giving them the ability to evaluate each individual’s level of uptake on the training.

Mbali Training Solutions will conduct the training at your company/premises.

The duration of the course is dependant on the course and your training needs. We offers the following training courses:

Cold Calling Sales Strategies (Internal and External Staff)
Management Training (based on the Myer-Briggs Personality Types)
Effective Negotiation Skills
Boosting Emotional Intelligence
Call Centre Customer Service
One-on-One Business and Life Goals Coaching
Equine Stress Management Program
Mbali Training has assisted many organisations with their training courses. “May 2011 Miami Florida, USA, was the date I met Tiffany Moys - Managing Owner at Mbali Training Solutions - for the first time; back then she was managing the training delivery for one of our most successful and important partners in MEA, Bytes Document Solutions, South Africa. Tiffany was among top experienced managers of Xerox Corporate, she demonstrated her capabilities and caught the attention with her talent. Since then, I have held several successful training events with Tiffany. I work for Xerox Developing Market Operation managing the strategy deployment, operational marketing within Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Egypt; L&D is one of my responsible and was privileged to train ~ 1500 sales professionals. I am writing this as Tiffany decided to offer her expertise and knowledge to wider market by starting her own firm; Thinking about Tiffany’s Knowledge creativity, patience, confidence, and talent as a trainer; her psychology studies, her excellent communication, organizational and consultation skills; I am confident that Mbali offering of Customized Corporate Training and Development, Training Needs Analysis, Counselling / Coaching, Team Building, Leadership, Management, and Sales Training will be having greater value proposition to all kind of organizations”.

Mohamed Mounir – Director of MPS Strategy Deployment, Operations & Marketing Xerox Developing Market Operations & MEA.

"Tiffany delivered 2 ‘product trainings’ in Mauritius to our sales team. The sessions were highly interactive due to the methodology used and her professionalism and dedication were widely appreciated by the team."

Dany Blackburn – Harel en Mallac, Mauritius.

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